Every company will tell you why you should choose them, right? It is a judgement call that only you can make. We can tell you that we are A Name You Can Trust tm, that we use the best parts and that we provide quality, professional service. We aim to give an extremely high level of customer service, and are responsive with 7 day a week service and we answer the phone 24/7…
but……..going a little deeper, here is what you get when you choose Precision Door:opener-repair1.png

  • A locally owned small business owned by the husband and wife team of Stan & Kim Prosser, long-time Portland residents with a proven track record of running successful businesses.
  • A simple motto of striving to treat everyone as you would wish to be treated.
  • Core Values that attract and retain excellent garage door professionals and a training and mentor program to help sustain a solid workforce.
  • Core Values that mean we always try to do the right thing- for customers, for co-workers, and for our community. When we fail to do this, we will fix it immediately.
  • A great reputation within our community, after all we live here too.
  • The best warranties in the industry- backed up with the personal promise that we will always do our best to make it right by you.
  • The owners know that their most valuable assets are the employees who take care of our customers. So we work hard to take care of them. It is a philosophy that they used in prior businesses and continues today. It is important to them that employees know that the company “has their backs”.
  1. We believe in paying a good wage so our employees can support their families and goals.
  2. Medical benefits that give assurance to the employee and their family that they will not face bankruptcy due to an illness or accident.
  3. Dental and life insurance benefits.
  4. Paid time off benefits, better than just the state minimum because we believe employees are more happier and more productive when they can have vacations or stay home with a sick child.
  5. As everyone is an employee, all are covered by workers compensation insurance in case of any on the job injuries or accidents. We have a Safety first culture. This means that we want them to work safely to take care of themselves and provide many extra tools and equipment to stay as safe as they can. As our field team is on the road driving to and from appointments, good driving habits and safe driving records are extremely important.

To do this, we may not be the cheapest in town, and we do not intend to be. Because the fact is, we could not stay in business and keep the quality team that we, with some of the low prices we have seen others quote. Our customers might pay a little more, but we think that they appreciate the caliber and quality of the Precision team. It’s your home- we are the guests. We are pretty certain you don’t want us to send someone who is a little shady, or uninsured, or doesn’t like doing their job. That does not serve our customers well, and would not serve us well either.
We call it the “Precision Way”…..of doing business. Choose us, and we will “Have your back” too!